We’Moon Lunar News

Lunar News — February 9, 2019 Mercury into Pisces the 10thMoon Trine Venus the 11thWaxing Half Moon in Taurus  (Sun Square Moon) the 12thMoon Square Mercury the 13thMars into Taurus the 14thMoon Sextile Mars the 15thMoon moves through: Aries / Taurus / Gemini Challenging aspects—square, semi-square, opposition, quincunx, semi sex-tile— can create complications, but often give... Continue Reading →

We’Moon Lunar News

Lunar News — January 12, 2019 Moon trine Venus and  Moon conjunct Mars the 12thMoon square Mercury andWaxing Half Moon in Aries the 13thMoon trine Mercury the 15thMoon opposition Venus andMoon sextile Mars the 17thMoon moves through: Aries / Taurus / Gemini Easy or supportive relationships—like the conjunction, trine, and sextile—describe comfortable and supportive flow... Continue Reading →

We’Moon Lunar News

Lunar News—December 15, 2018 Waxing Half Moon in Pisces 15thMoon trine Mercury 15thMoon Opposition Venus 18thMoon sextile Mars 19thMoon opposition Mercury 20thWinter Solstice 21stSun moves into Capricorn  21stMoon square Mars 21st Moon moves through:Aries / Taurus / Gemini Winter Solstice     Imagine the holy days—the solar solstices and equinoxes, the lunar cross-quarter days—as sanctuaries. The original meaning... Continue Reading →

Lunar News – Full Moon & More

Lunar News Full Moon in Aries the 5th Moon moves through: Aquarius / Pisces / Aries Resilience Amidst the struggle, beauty emerged. The lilies bloomed magnificent and fragrant in the garden, the children laughed and played. We strengthened bonds, made love more often. We gave up resistance and opened ourselves to uncertainty. We chose consciousness... Continue Reading →

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