All-Around Natural Pain & Stress Reliever for Kids

Who Develops Stress?  It can seem as if adults are the only one's to carry a multitude of the problems in the world when it comes to dealing with stress, but, whether we think about it or not, kids can be in the same boat. Honestly speaking, the thought of a child having or knowing what... Continue Reading →


Share Your World – 2015 Week #10

Share Your World - 2015 Week #10 When you lose electricity in a storm, do you light the candles or turn on the flashlight? How many of each do you own? Both. We have 3 or 4 flashlights and a battery operated light bulb switch on our bed room wall. We usually light the... Continue Reading →

A is For Appetite, Anxiety, and Asthma A - to - Z April Blogging Challenge Common Ailments: Appetite, Anxiety, and Asthma In aromatherapy, alternative health providers, work with essential oils, and their various properties, to help a patient heal. For instance, to encourage the appetite and prevent anemia or anorexia nervosas, one might suggest nutmeg essential oil. Nutmeg, (Myristica fragans), is... Continue Reading →

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