Feng Shui – Lemon Essential Oil

Feng Shui - Lemon Essential Oil You may love it or you may hate it, but for most people the smell of lemon always conjures up cleanliness and freshness. Lemon essential oil is also used to provide antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits. One favorite use of this powerful healer is to soothe calluses and bunions... Continue Reading →

A Gift from the Desert: The Healing Powers of Frankincense

Logo by Hemant http://saccsivdotcom.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/a-gift-from-the-desert-the-healing-powers-of-frankincense/ A gift from the desert: The healing powers of frankincense It was one of the gifts of the Magi – in addition to myrrh and gold they offered frankincense to the newly born baby Jesus. Frankincense is a resin derived from trees belonging to the Boswellia family, of which there are... Continue Reading →

Aromatherapy Tip of the Day: September 4, 2013

Today’s Aromatherapy Tip of the Day: September 4, 2013 is Musculoskeletal Injuries Musculoskeletal Injuries The following oils boost the body's resources to support healing for both chronic conditions and short-term injuries. 1. Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Carrier Oils: Arnica Oil - For Sprains and Strains Hemp Oil - For use in Deep Tissue Work Olive Oil... Continue Reading →

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