Of Mud and Clay – Book Review

Of Mud and Clay: Book One of Light into Exile By: G. Wayne Jeffreys AMAZON SUMMARY Ezra Kohen is a civilian member of the U.S. intelligence community. When called to investigate a wealthy corporate tycoon's ties to the Middle East, he find's more than just coincidence has tied him to the investigation. A series of... Continue Reading →


Into the Fire (The Thin Veil, Book 2) – A Book Review

Into the Fire (The Thin Veil, Book 2) by Jodi McIsaac AMAZON SUMMARY Cedar McLeod would like nothing more than to return to Tír na nÓg, help rebuild the mythical kingdom, and start a new life for herself and her daughter, Eden. But peace isn’t what Cedar finds after being reunited with her little girl.... Continue Reading →

Through the Door (The Thin Veil, Book 1) – A Book Review

Through the Door (The Thin Veil, Book 1) by Jodi McIsaac AMAZON SUMMARY It’s been seven years since the love of Cedar McLeod’s life left with no forwarding address. All she has left of him are heart-wrenching memories of happier times and a beautiful six-year-old daughter, Eden. Then, one day, Eden opens her bedroom door... Continue Reading →

‘Second on the Right’ by Elizabeth Los – A Book Review

'Second on the Right' by Elizabeth Los AMAZON SUMMARY An original retelling of the classic story, Second On The Right explores what really happened leading up to and including the events on the secluded island of Neverland. Forget what you know of that iconic novel, this story will shatter the characterizations of Captain Hook and... Continue Reading →

‘Weather of the Heart’ by Nora Lourie Percival – A Book Review

Weather of the Heart: A Child's Journey Out of Revolutionary Russia by Nora Lourie Percival AMAZON SUMMARY All through her long busy life in America, Nora Percival felt impelled to learn about the family she’d left behind in Samara, the city on the Volga where she was born. After glasnost she was finally able to... Continue Reading →

Camp Secret (Junior Spies Series) Book I

Camp Secret (Junior Spies Series) Book I by Melissa Mahle and Kathryn Dennis AMAZON SUMMARY Deep beneath the cover of a summer camp is a secret training center for Junior Spies. Thirteen-year-old Lee Wong along with teammates Tex Shaker, Audrey Rochais and Ria Santos undergo weeks of training, tests, and mind games designed to weed... Continue Reading →

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