Last Day to get ‘Our Day of Passing’ for FREE

Today is the Last Day to Purchase this #1 Bestseller! Our Day of Passing: An Anthology of Short Stories, Poems, and Essays FREE on Amazon Kindle, from February 19th – 23rd, 2016 Our Day of Passing – An Anthology of Short Stories, Poems and Essays Do you have a macabre fascination with death and the... Continue Reading →

The Magical Muse is now Available

The Magical Muse: A Collection of Fantasy Stories, is officially up on Amazon Kindle KJ Hawkins (Author), Allison D. Reid (Author), D.B. Mauldin (Author), Alexis Lantgen (Author), Andrea R. Cooper (Author), Brendan Carroll (Author), George L. Duncan (Author), Khushi Agarwal (Author), Matthew Frassetti (Author), Allison D. Reker (Editor)

Ireland, Ireland

Ireland, Ireland Down thy valleys, Ireland, Ireland,  Down thy valleys green and sad,  Still thy spirit wanders wailing,  Wanders wailing, wanders mad. Long ago that anguish took thee,  Ireland, Ireland, green and fair, Spoilers strong in darkness took thee, Broke thy heart and left thee there.  Down thy valleys, Ireland, Ireland, Still thy spirit wanders... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blog Award

The Sunshine Blog award is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers. It is given to bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. A big Thank You to Words4jp's Blog at: for honoring me with the bestowal of this Sunshine Blog Award! The rules for this award are: •Include... Continue Reading →

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