Ruby Red

Hope everyone is having a Ruby Red Day! Today, I want to talk about Cardinal's, the common Redbird. Cardinal's do not migrate and tend to stay in South Eastern States of the U. S. Seven U. S. States carry the Cardinal proudly as their state bird. Cardinals are often seen eating from bird feeders. They... Continue Reading →

Mellow Yellows

Happy Mellow Yellow Day! Today, for Mellow Yellows, I am going to post about the 'Yellow Flowers' of the Ylang-ylang tree. Hope you enjoy! Courtesy of Yahoo Images The Ylang-ylang tree, (Cananga odorata from the Annonaceae Family), grows and is cultivated in the Comores, Java, Madagascar, Philippines, Reunion, and Sumatra. The Ylang-ylang tree has deep... Continue Reading →

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