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Fallen World

I am still changing 
A new world has not risen yet,

but I know I want Mother Reality to be my guide.

And I will step lightly over the old bricks and tiles,

greet dandelion, ant, and flowering bramble,

watch pools of rainwater reflect sunlight,

and listen to the whispering of wind in nearby pines.

Maybe all I need is the wild freedom of my gentle heart. 
 excerpt ¤ Willowrose 2014
Jupiter goes Direct Monday the 9th
Jupiter is our quest for truth, living the belief systems that we hold and walking the path of what those beliefs say about us. It involves an ever expanding desire to educate the Self through knowledge toward higher law, the adventure and opportunity of being on that road—sometimes literally entailing travel and foreign or international culture, language and/or customs.
MoonCat! © Mother Tongue Ink 2011

. . Jupiter turns direct on Monday and gives us a green light on some of our plans for expansion and enthusiasm. And if we feel a desire to be generous, let’s respond to it. Midweek we may get a little self-protective and focused on our more intimate family and friend relationships under the domestic Cancer Moon, and as Venus and Saturn form a challenging quincunx. We finish the week with an intriguing, stubborn, but extroverted flair under the Leo Moon. Extraordinary things may happen. . . .

…Monday, May 9: We may not be technically or mentally ready for Monday, though some very positive aspects warm our hearts this morning get have a chance to share. Jupiter turns direct after months retrograde and begins to return our enthusiasm. The creative heart warms as Venus in her own sign of Taurus sextiles Neptune, but we may not feel like hassling with the public as the Moon enters self-protective and domestic Cancer. Tonight we can get easily defensive, but because we are feeling more, not less. . .
Juniper Berry Essential Oil
Juniperus communis
1/2 oz. – $16.00

Parts Used


Extraction Method

Steam distilled

Note Classification



Fresh, green, fruity, balsamic undertone


Juniper has been used to purify the air, and as an insect repellant.

Blends Well With

Black pepper, cedarwood, clary sage, cypress, elemi, fir needle, lavender, oakmoss, rosemary

Herbal Miscellany

Juniper berries have many culinary applications. They are the main flavor ingredient in gin. There are also used to flavor meats and sauces, and they make a wonderful addition to sauerkraut.


Oil Specific: Avoid in kidney or liver disease and while pregnant.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil

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