7 Awesome Uses For Peppermint

Peppermint is one of the most popular essential oils on the planet – and one of my favorites also. Not only do you get that unbeatable “minty freshness” but it also has several therapeutic uses and reported benefits. We found a great article listing 7 awesome uses of peppermint. The link is after my “musings”…... Continue Reading →

Crystal Oracle – November 25, 2019 -Reading by Lady Dyanna — Crystal Dawn

Spirit Quartz

Ravenhawks' Magazine Magick for Mind Body and Soul

Spirit Quartz The message is to reach out and connect to your community and discover the true power of your gifts through sharing with others. Your willingness to put the highest good ahead of the wants of your self is called for now. Reciprocity does not mean keeping a ledger but instead feeling the […]

via Crystal Oracle – November 25, 2019 -Reading by Lady Dyanna — Crystal Dawn

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