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Lunar News — October 5, 2019 5th Waxing Half Moon in Capricorn6th Moon square Venus7th Moon trine MarsMoon square Mercury8th Venus moves into Scorpio9th Moon trine Venus10th Moon trine MercuryMoon moves through: Capricorn / Aquarius / Pisces Saturday: The Moon changes signs approximately every 2 to 21/2 days, going through all twelve signs of the zodiac... Continue Reading →

Crystal Oracle – October 6, 2019 -Reading by Lady Dyanna — Crystal Dawn


Ravenhawks' Magazine Magick for Mind Body and Soul

Euclase When you are distracted by all the noise and stimulation that are part of our lives now it can be hard to trust that you have what it takes to make wise choices. Valuable insight can be found by tapping into your intuitive intelligence. When it comes to knowing the truth there is […]

via Crystal Oracle – October 6, 2019 -Reading by Lady Dyanna — Crystal Dawn

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