Horoscopes for New Moon in Virgo

Horoscopes for the New Moon in Virgo 2019

August 30

3:37 PM PT – New Moon at 6° of Virgo

No one appreciates the intelligence of streamlining like Virgo. This sign knows that in order to heal, the system in question needs enough space to do so. Clutter is a natural part of life. Chaos is an intrinsic aspect of the creative process. But the first order of magic is clearing a space for our rituals to take place within. Spells are cast to harness and align with the forces of the natural world; the less that stands between us and them, the more impact our incantations have.  

The new moon in Virgo asks us to do some emotional organizing, declutter our psychological systems, and as a result clear a path for solutions and unexpected opportunities to find their way to us.

The new moon in Virgo is flanked by a pile-up of planets in Virgo, emphasizing this sign’s attributes. With Mercury, Venus, and Mars here, the earthy emphasis of this moment speaks to what it means to manifest our energy in real-time in the material world. Sitting with its ruler, Mercury, The Magician and Messenger, this new moon is encouraging us to take time to digest, integrate, and absorb the meaning of life’s current events. In a trine to Uranus, the new moon and Mercury are teaming up with the planet of innovation. Unconventionality, change, and bold new beginnings want to make their mark on our lives. 

Mars and Uranus are two of the testier planets out there, however, and with such an emphasis on the sometimes pickiest of signs, our patience may run thin for things that don’t work, don’t move quickly, or don’t fit precisely. This astrology can trick us into being overly and overtly critical, tearing apart what is better left alone.

Careful where you put that criticism. 

Under these skies, what has grown tired and tedious becomes a thorn in our side. This new moon brings with it a soulful efficiency. In order to receive its blessings, we’ll need to risk letting go of what might have worked for this long, but won’t help us go the distance. 

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