Crystal Oracle – August 30, 2019 -Reading by Lady Dyanna — Crystal Dawn


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Obsidian The challenge is to trust that the you that you are becoming will be loved, cherished and supported even if you are still just exploring your potential, still unfamiliar with the new territory you have entered. As you ponder what you wish to change, love the who you are right now. Love […]

via Crystal Oracle – August 30, 2019 -Reading by Lady Dyanna — Crystal Dawn

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Horoscopes for New Moon in Virgo Horoscopes for the New Moon in Virgo 2019 August 30 3:37 PM PT – New Moon at 6° of Virgo No one appreciates the intelligence of streamlining like Virgo. This sign knows that in order to heal, the system in question needs enough space to do so. Clutter is a natural part of life.... Continue Reading →

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