New Moon in Leo Horoscopes

Here are horoscopes for the first two weeks of August 2019, starting with the New Moon in Leo. Your New Moon in Leo Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work, you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work, we really appreciate it and you!

July 31

8:12 PM PT – New Moon at 8° Leo

Mercury stations direct at 23° of Cancer

Leo is courageous. A queen. A king. Regal and resplendent. A magnanimous leader governing the heart and ruled by the sun. When we choose to lead with benevolence, scarcity fails. 

The new moon in Leo arrives on July 31st, opening us up to a season that amplifies themes of generosity, abundance, and optimism. This is the kind of astrology that rapidly expands our potential and demands that we share our good fortune. The new moon reminds us of the expansiveness only possible when we know how to celebrate the wins of those that surround us.

Success is to be shared. 

This new moon is calling us all to be the leaders we need in the world. It reminds us that love in action leaves no room for supremacy to fester. Our soul’s purpose is so much grander than the small-mindedness of greed and exclusion. The little egos among us that make up inhumane laws and evil chants of injustice to keep their privilege in place need to be consistently and diligently interrupted. Day in. Day out. 

As the new moon in Leo resets itself, Mercury also stations direct. This is a lovely gift after the emotional wringer that Eclipse Season put us through. The rest of the astrology of the lunar cycle asks us to live a little more fully then we might. Breaking with the traditions that keep us subdued is how we can unlock our creative currency. 

Complacency is not an option now. The bountiful astrology of August is a fairy god-mother – fleeting, but fully willing to work with us for this moment. 

August 2

Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus, both at 6°

While today’s astrology might shake up our relationship dynamics, a deeper truth about our intimacy issues comes loose. This astrology reminds us that taking risks and breaking the molds of convention is what it takes to feel alive. Connections may be disrupted, but any truth about them that comes to consciousness is actually our good fortune. In the coming days, Venus makes one of the best aspects it can, a trine to Lady Luck Jupiter on August 8th. The challenges we encounter quickly turn into great gifts that we get to unpack and unwrap over the next couple of weeks.

August 7

Sun in Leo trine Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius, both at 14°

Exuberant doesn’t even describe today’s set up. The sun and Jupiter, both in their own sign, make a trine to one another. This is a stellar setup. As Venus and Jupiter slowly build up to making contact in the heavens, we can make many things multiply here on earth. Be selective though. Miracle grow isn’t good for every garden. 

August 8

Venus in Leo trine Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius, both at 14°

As Jupiter stations direct, the two most helpful planets in the sky team up to bring us an abundance of beauty, connection, and an intense desire for pleasure-filled pursuits. This is an astrological mark of fortune, best used when you share yours. Generosity makes more of everything.

August 11

Jupiter stations direct at 14° Sagittarius

Mercury enters Leo, where it remains until August 29, 2019

Uranus stations retrograde at 6° of Taurus. Remains retrograde until January 10, 2020

Today two planets change direction, signaling a shift. Out-of-the-blue-windfalls may accompany it, some extremely fortunate, some a little disruptive, all exciting in their own way.

As Jupiter stations direct it signals the last quarter of its cruise through Sagittarius. We only have until December to work with this powerful placement. Now that it is direct, that work is done with much greater ease. The part of our chart that contains Sagittarius will benefit from it the most.

As Uranus stations retrograde, it slowly overturns the terra it has traversed while in Taurus. Today pulls focus on what is generative (Jupiter stationing direct) and what is unpredictable (Uranus stationing retrograde). Those of you with planets between 2°-6° of Taurus will feel this the most. As the deity of great upheaval goes back and forth over this small piece of ground it leaves no stone unturned and no talent latent. Be prepared to put your resources to work and they’ll pleasantly surprise (if not shake up) your world. 

August 13

Sun conjunct Venus in Leo at 20°

For the next couple of days, Venus travels with the sun, helping us heal aspects of our identity. Feelings attractive is an inside job. The more you can love on yourself, the more space you leave for others to do the same. Focus on pleasure in all your endeavors. This isn’t necessarily a nose to the grindstone aspect and it may have you yearning for more free time to enjoy life, so grant yourself some if and when you can.   

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