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Lunar News—June 15, 2019

  • Moon opposition Venus
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius
  • Mercury conjunct Mars
  • Moon Opposition
    Mars & Mercury 
  • Moon trine Venus
  • Sun into Cancer 
    & Summer Solstice
  • Moon moves through
    Sagittarius/ Capricorn / Aquarius

Summer Solstice June  21, 2019 The sun reaches its highest point of the year, like the culmination of a full moon’s waxing. In order to stay steady in this full solar power, we ground ourselves by inviting the earth and the sky to meet in our bodies. As stewards, we take stock of self and world. Has an old teacher, perhaps the Dragon of Not-Enough, melted in the fires during the first half of the solar wheel? We bow and thank her before turning to discover the new teacher, who, as the waxing year gives way to the waning, will wrench our perspective wider. . . .
excerpt Susa Silvermarie © Mother Tongue Ink 2018 from W’M 2019 pg 104Sun into Cancer 2019 Year at a Glance for Cancer (June 21–July 22)
Cancer, it’s time to crack that outgrown shell. In January and July, the eclipses will set the stage for revelations, renovations, and renewal to your identity, which can include changes to your appearance as well as your life intentions. excerpt Rhea Wolf from W’M 2010 pg 107

The Sun is our self radiating outward, character and ego. When in watery Cancer we focus on family, home, emotional awareness and nourishment. We need time in our shell and with our familiars. Saturday the 15th—Moon opposition Venus: This Challenging Moon/Venus aspect can bring social awkwardness, hot or cold emotions, longing, questionable aesthetics. Cure: perform a random act of kindness, diplomacy, art therapy Monday 17th—Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Moon is our inward sense of self, emotions and psyche. When in firey Sagittarius our curiosity, honesty, exploration and playfulness may become inhanced. We grow more curious about what’s unfamiliar.
Tuesday the 18th—Mercury conjunct Mars: Mercury is our communication, travel and thought. If you need to think travel or talk choose a good relationship or aspect between Mercury and the Moon. They loan us speed and consciousness, the ability to think things through, help us bring our minds to any problem and find an answer.
Wednesday the 19th—Moon Opposition Mars & Mercury: This day challenging Moon/Mars aspects instigate irritability, willfulness, anger, hurry, a competitive or contrary attitude. Cure: exercise, chop wood, take a brisk walk, acknowledge desires or frustrations, and then finesse that argument. Exercise awareness.

Challenging Moon/Mercury aspects bring a tendency to get lost in the mind and inspire glitches in all things Mercurial; we can get more edgy, irritable, anxious, scattered, diffused, glib. Cure for Moon/Mercury discomfort: Reconnect mind and heart.
 Friday the 21st—Moon trine Venus Venus is about our relationships, love, sense of beauty and empathy. Supportive Moon/Venus aspects warm our hearts and add sociability, cuddliness, compassion, creativity and good taste. A good day to be diplomatic, nuture romance or be creative. excerpts adapted from Heather Roan Robbins‘ WM 2018 pgs 226 & 15-17 & WM 2019 pg16 unless otherwise specified

Weekly Starcodes
excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page for the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current SunSign.
We have a planetary traffic jam this week. A few planets conjunct on one side of the zodiac oppose a few conjunct on the other, and the Moon dances over that pattern; this creates a series of aspects that can either neutralize each other or magnify the difficulties, depending upon what energies we tune into and how we respond. Free will and grace always co-create with the planetary patterns. We could easily feel overwhelmed or called to protect something important, like our relationship, our country, or our ecosystem.
We could as easily move into protective mode about something much less important, nor nothing at all, just because we’re feeling edgy. Visualize a brilliant and vigilant claws-snapping crab, and know we could all channel that at the drop of a hat, emotionally defending our position, rationalizing brilliantly, even when we’re not particularly attached to the outcome of the conversation. Accusing a country of blowing up a boat with no evidence. Possibly getting a stomachache in the process. Mercury, symbolizing our thinking, now conjuncts feisty, aggressive Mars in the nurturing and protective sign of Cancer, ruler of the stomach. Mercury and Mars conjunct the North Lunar Node and oppose Saturn and Pluto, sitting on the South Lunar Node. The nodes imply layers of Karmic machinations within events. Keep peppermint tea on tap, and don’t swallow feelings.

On Friday a Scorpio Moon helps us dive into both work and into our contentious nature. If our focus is clear, we can stay on point easily and make things happen. If we’re feeling contentious, we can wind out in the wrong direction, our thinking becomes specious when we get upset. Just watch the headlines.
The outdoors calls us over the weekend as the Moon and our mood enters open, diversity-seeking Sagittarius . . .

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