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Trust my timing! I'm learning to trust. Getting flooded out of my home, acquiring a new place to live, and traveling around staying with friends and family while I have been homeless has taught me a lot about trust and timing. I'm glad to report that my new mobile home has been set up and... Continue Reading →

Each person’s life is like a mandala –



Each person’s life is like a mandala -
a vast, limitless circle.
We stand in the center of our own circle,
and everything we see, hear and think
forms the mandala of our life …
everything that shows up in your mandala
is a vehicle for your awakening.

~ Pema Chödrön

Text & image source: Marianne Gillis

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We’Moon Lunar News

Lunar News —April 20, 2019 Sun goes into Taurus Venus into AriesMoon trine Venus Moon trine MercuryMoon opposition MarsSun trine MoonMoon Square Venus Moon Square MercuryWaning half moon in Aquarius Moon Sextile VenusMoon moves trough:Scorpio / Sagittarius / Capricorn Saturday: 2019 Year at a Glance for Taurus (April 20–May 21)Taurus—you dependable, stubborn beauty—it’s time to... Continue Reading →

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