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Lunar News —March 30, 2019 Mars into GeminiMoon Square MarsMoon Conjunct VenusMoon Conjunct MercuryMoon Sextile MarsNew Moon in AriesMoon Moves Through:   Aquarius / Pisces / Aries Saturday: Mars moves into Gemini Mars is our will to act our initiative and ambition. In Gemini we are motivated towards communication, networking, curiosity and can be quick... Continue Reading →

An alternative way to understand disease to take control of your health

Take Control of Your Health

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The USA is spending 18% of its GDP or $3.5 trillion in health care every year. This is a confirmation that healing is a key concern of our society and most individuals. As we all know, however, our healthcare system is far from being efficient. While I marvel at organ transplants, our ability to get people to survive the worst accidents and treat infectious diseases, healthcare is still predominantly a reflection of our collective vibration of powerlessness and dis-empowerment. Most people are still looking for this magic pill or that omniscient doctor to save them from their misery. The rapid rise of bariatric surgery (procedures performed on people who have obesity) perfectly illustrates this symptom. People would pay over $20,000 to reduce the size of their stomach with a gastric band before even considering changing their diet, following an exercise plan, examining their childhood traumas or changing their lifestyle. This…

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