Horoscopes for the New Moon

Horoscopes for the New Moon in Aquarius – February 2019

Collage by Chani

February 4th

1:04 PM PT – New Moon at 15° Aquarius

Clear. Concise. Certain. Intellectually rigorous, Aquarius pours forth its well-earned wisdom to the masses. No one masters a system of thought like the water-bearer, and that’s why few are as innovative. Aquarius seeks no intellectual short-cuts, just facts. Once this sign has made up its mind about something, good luck persuading it otherwise. Aquarius isn’t here to hog the spotlight, but would rather shine it upon the answers and ideas that the group might benefit from the most. In this way, Aquarius usually earns attention for its intellectual prowess, but it’s never the main motivation. 

On February 4th at 1:04 PM PT, the new moon in Aquarius arrives. Bringing with it a fresh start, this new moon is the first in 2019 that is free of shadow. January was consumed with both a lunar and solar eclipse, neither of which were open to interpretation. Eclipses tend to dominate the scene with their agenda. This new moon is more of a clean slate for us to work with and will perhaps feel like the first new moon of 2019. This new moon also ushers in the Lunar Chinese New Year, and brings us into the Year of the Pig. Devoted, generous and compassionate, the Year of the Pig will hopefully teach us much about its attributes.  

The new moon in Aquarius is in a supportive sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Offerings like this are ones to work with. To have a new moon infused with the protective, prosperous, and positive energy of Jupiter is a gift to receive and respectfully work with. What you start with this new moon has help, encouragements, and a door or two opened for it. Whatever it is you are working towards, this new moon gives your efforts the lift they might need to get you there with greater ease. 

Jupiter lends what we start with this new moon a confidence. Aquarius understands that when something makes logical sense and is structurally necessary, one should not waiver on it. 

The more you believe in the validity of your dreams, desires, and visions for your life, the more real they’ll feel. The more responsibility you’ll feel for them. The more you’ll work towards manifesting them. The more you see yourself as a care-taker of them, and a protector for all that is possible through them, the more emboldened you’ll feel to risk what is necessary to bring them about. 

Anyone who is successful is always asked how they got there and, more often than not, they’ll tell you it began with a feeling, knowing, or dream and the clarity to take it seriously. May this new moon help you communicate with that kind of inspirational certainty. May it, momentarily at least, relieve you from your doubts. May it build your confidence, and bring you into greater alignment with the gifts that want to work their way into the world through you. 

For a reading, ritual and guided meditation for your sign for this encouraging new moon, join me for A Workshop for the New Moon in Aquarius, Full Moon in Virgo, and the Lunar Cycle from February 4th – March 5th.

February 7th

Sun in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, both at 18°

Today’s astrology picks up on the most prosperous and abundant aspects of the new moon. As the sun perfects its sextile to Jupiter, it encourages us to embody the confidence the new moon hinted at. Just for today, try to own every inch of your skin. Just for today, be unapologetically you. Just for today, proclaim your dreams to the world and see what shifts for you. Internally and externally. 

Then try it again tomorrow. 

Mercury in Aquarius sextile Mars in Aries, both at 25°

Today, along with the confidence boost of the sun’s sextile to Jupiter, Mercury is gifted with the muscle power of Mars. This gives the ever-insightful Mercury in Aquarius the ability to use a little more edge to get its meaning across. It’s the perfect astrology to drive home a point. Just make sure that its in service of something greater than being right. 

February 9th

Mercury in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries, both at 29° 

Mercury picks up on the insights and innovations that Uranus is throwing down. This is our invitation to momentarily throw out convention and see what we can channel without the constraints of tradition. This is great day to articulate your ideas and find solutions with those that are willing to work as creatively as you inside and outside the box.

February 10th

Mercury enters Pisces, there until April 17th 

In Pisces, Mercury’s messages are beautiful in sentiment, but not so strategically inclined. Here, Mercury waxes poetic with incredible ease, but when all you wanted was directions to the store, this can be a little less than helpful. Make sure you double up on facts, logic, and proven ways forward, but do let yourself indulge in the images, sounds, and inspirations that get your imagination going. 

Mercury will spend an inordinate amount of time in Pisces as it will retrograde through these waters from March 5th until March 28th. This transit will give us ample opportunity to understand where we tend to lose the plot and drop the ball, logically speaking.

February 12th

Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries at 29°

One of the most combustable pairings possible, Mars and Uranus together, especially in Aries, are no wallflowers. This turbo charged couple will create breakdowns, breakthroughs, and changes that happen at a speed so fast it’s impossible to process all at once. 

This is the last time (for the next 84 years) that these two will come together in Aries. As Uranus moves signs for good come March 6th, the last few transits it makes in Aries are moments that tend to crystalize the lessons we learned with Uranus here. Wherever this transit falls for you (whichever house 29° of Aries is in your chart, also see your Uranus horoscope) will tell you much about the conventions you need to buck, the wild energy that needs to find a way through you, and the ways in which you are no longer willing to work within a system that doesn’t work for you. With transits like this, it’s imperative to know which bridges to cross and which to burn. 

February 14th

Mars enters Taurus 

As Mars moves into Taurus, the tempo slows considerably. Here Mars doesn’t have access to the speedy pathways it enjoys, nor does it have the resources that keep it happy. A little stubborn and some might say lazy, Mars in Taurus plods along. It will get there eventually, but not expediently. 

Mars will remain in Taurus until March 30, 2019.

February 17th 

Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces, both at 15°

The last sweet sentiment Venus receives while in Capricorn, the sextile between the Queen and her ideal consort is nothing short of a rom/com with all the right elements. Today’s astrology is heavenly, but short-lived. Tomorrow, Venus, and our relationships, get a reality check, Saturn style. 

Sun in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries, both at 29°

The sun sextile Uranus is an invigorating jolt of energy that aims to wake up any aspect of ourselves asleep to the power of our individuality. This aspect encourages the weirdo within to take center stage and remind us all how fun it is to flip the bird to convention, respectability, and popular standards of mediocrity.  

February 18th

Venus conjunct Saturn in Capricorn at 16°

The Pleasure Seeker and the Master of Misery come together today, testing our boundaries, asking what our intentions are, and giving our creative and romantic situations a major once over. Far from the free-wheeling romance of yesterday’s Venus/Neptune sextile, today’s astrology wants us to come to terms with our needs and the consequences we must face when we deny them. Make clear what you are able to commit to, and what you are not willing to and today’s astro will be productive, even if a little bit of a downer. Hearts tend to be a little heavy with this influence. Take care of yours by giving yourself the compassionate understanding you crave. 

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces at 15° 

Mercury conjunct Neptune is no walk in the park, at least not one that will end up getting you anywhere. But that’s not this combination’s concern. Mercury and Neptune together get high on ideals, reality be damned. This is not good astrology to make definitive plans under, if at all avoidable, but as we all know, life waits for no astrology. Do what you can to listen to, and act on, the doubts that whisper in your ear, double check details and get second and twenty second opinions when possible. 

Mercury not only conjuncts Neptune today, but it also enters its pre-retrograde shadow period. This means that it will station retrograde on March 5th and travel all the way back here, where it stations direct on March 28th. Conjunct Neptune. It will be a wild retrograde to be sure, but for now we can focus on the fact that what happens today and from here on out will be returned to, reviewed, reworked, returned to sender. There’s no getting out of the more nuanced and messy communication issues we come across, just a long swim up and down stream with them. 

Sun enters Pisces

Welcome to Pisces Season. With the sun in the transcendent waters of the fishes, and Mars slumbering away in Taurus, the season starts off slowly. It’s a good time to tap into your dreams, intuitions, physical needs and emotional ones. The full moon lights up the skies tomorrow and the swell of emotions might be swirling today, so keep it simple with what feels overly complicated. 

Your new moon horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work, you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you! 

Visit the link above (at the beginning of the post) to view the individual horoscope for your sign.

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