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Lunar News — January 19, 2019

  • 19th: Moon square Mars
  •  20th: Sun Moves into Aquarius
    Moon Opposition Mercury
    Total Lunar Eclipse
    Full Moon in Leo 
    Sun Opposition Moon
  • 21st: Moon trine Mars and Venus
  • 23rd: Mercury moves into Aquarius
  • 24th: Moon square Venu
    Moon trine Mercury the 24th
  • Moon moves through:
    Leo / Virgo / Libra

Challenging Moon/Mars aspects instigate irritability, willfulness, anger, hurry, a competitive or contrary attitude. Cure: exercise, chop wood, take a brisk walk, acknowledge desires or frustrations, and then finesse that argument. Exercise awareness.

The sun in our self radiating outward, character and ego. When in Aquarius we become aware of community, ingenuity, collaboration, idealism. It’s time to honor the philosophy of love and the power of community.

2019 Year at a Glance for – Aquarius (Jan. 20–Feb. 18)

In 2019, your big ideas about the world find fertile ground in the company of others. If you already have a network of collaborators, draw on those relationships to manifest weird and brilliant plans. If you’re more of a lone wolf Aquarius, then Jupiter encourages you to jump into the fray and join groups like neighborhood associations, political demonstrations, or philosophical societies. This year has great potential to provide fruition for your dreams, but to do this requires a shift in consciousness about how you connect with others. . . . Rhea Wolf © Mother Tongue Ink 2018—We’Moon 2019 pg 45

Challenging Moon/Mercury aspects bring a tendency to get lost in the mind and inspire glitches in all things Mercurial; we can get more edgy, irritable, anxious, scattered, diffused, glib. Cure for Moon/Mercury discomfort: Reconnect mind and heart.

Eclipses: 2019 Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur when the Earth, Sun and Moon align at the Moon’s nodal axis, usually four times a year, during New and Full Moons, respectively. The South (past) and North (future) Nodes symbolize our evolutionary path. Eclipses catalyze destiny’s calling. Use eclipse degrees in your birth chart to identify potential release points. January 20: Total Lunar Eclipse at 0° Leo highlights our need to be seen and appreciated. When the light returns let your desires be known and share your best self. Enjoy the limelight.Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2018—We’Moon 2019 pg 22 

. . . a lunar eclipse on January 20 which asks us to balance our personal life with our work in the community. We have to step away from either a desire to escape the world, from the illusion that there is no hope, or the illusion that everything is just fine; clear the veils of illusion and see what truly is. This will be as true of our romantic relationships as it is of our politics.Heather Roan-Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2018—We’Moon 2019 pg 13

Full Moon in Leo—Sun Opposition Moon: The moon is our inward sense of self, emotion and psyche. When in Leo our creativity, charisma, warmth, and enthusiasm are enhanced. Gather with others to celebrate and share bounty. Moon phases are really a Sun-Moon relationship. The Sun energizes all Moon things: the public, nurturance, home, intimacy, habit, and the tides of emotion. Supportive aspects ease the emotional realm; challenging aspects can create tension between how we feel and the events around us. Monday— Do you need to work out? Take a stand? Get physical? Supportive Moon/Mars aspects give us strength, protectiveness, help us lift rocks, spark passion, establish clear boundaries. Do you need to be diplomatic? Nurture romance? Create? Choose supportive Moon/Venus aspects. They warm our hearts and add sociability, cuddliness, compassion, creativity and good taste. 

Wednesday— Mercury is about our communication, travel and thought. When in Aquarius we become aware of community, ingenuity, collaboration, idealism. It’s time to honor the philosophy of love and the power of community.

Thursday— Challenging Moon/Venus aspects can bring social awkwardness, hot or cold emotions, longing, questionable aesthetics. Cure: perform a random act of kindness, diplomacy, art therapy. Moon Trine Mercury: Do you need to think? Talk? Travel?  Choose a good relationship or aspect between Mercury and the Moon. They loan us speed and consciousness, the ability to think things through, help us bring our minds to any problem and find an answer.excerptsadapted from Heather Roan Robbins‘ Sun Signs and Sun Transits 
© Mother Tongue Ink 2016 from We’Moon 2018 pg 226
excerpts Heather Roan Robbins—derived from her book 
Moon Wisdom © Cico Books, 2016
fromConstellate with the Moon — We’Moon 2018 pgs 15-17

Weekly Starcodes
excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page for the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current SunSign.

 . . . this week’s deep-thinking Mercury-Pluto conjunction can leave some of us in a restless funk, reviewing our inadequacies . . . But fate’s wheel is turning and a change is coming in the stars.

. . . this next month is a doozy (as Mars approaches a square to Pluto and a conjunction with Uranus) but we will see movement. The weekend begins under a grim note as mental Mercury conjuncts Pluto-mythic ruler of death, rebirth, power, and things that come from the deep. This conjunction can bring to our mind what’s wrong with the world, what’s not working, and whatever litany depression might want to whisper to us. But the Sun also squares Uranus, the changemaker, which, along with Venus and Mars now in a fire sign, leaves us allergic to the dysfunctional situations, compelled to make a difference, and help us feel discontent but we can also reach into that restlessness for help moving out of any stuck place. . . .

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