5 Remedies to Get Rid of Cold Fast

Cold Remedies


It’s been a day since this cold attacked me. Thankfully for me diseases don’t stay very long, guess my immune system is doing good.

But having cold is really irritating. Mum believes in natural remedies so gets me well soon.

Here are some methods that help every time:

  1. Rest : Find a way to be lazy because it will help fight the illness. Take as much rest as possible and go to bed early. This helps save energy and use it to fight the cold. Also try to be in warmth.
  2. Food : You can try some foods that can especially help like hot tea and coffee, as they reduce congestion, you can try herbal tea. Stay hydrated, try honey for sore throat, chicken soup, etc.
  3. Steam : For stuffed nose and the hurting throat you can try breathing in some steam off boiling water, that hot which you can…

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