We’Moon Luna News

Lunar News — November 24, 2018

  • Moon trine Venus the 24th
  • Moon trine Mars the 25th
  • Moon Square Venus the 26th
  • Moon trine Mercury the 27th
  • Moon sextile Venus the 29th
  • Moon square Mercury the 29th
  • Moon opposition Mars the 29th
  • Moon moves through:

Easy or supportive relationships—like the conjunction, trine, and sextile—describe comfortable and supportive flow between the two planets and all things they govern. Challenging relationships—like a square or opposition—are tension-producing and discordant. Yet, if we work with it, this discomfort can dare us to take positive action, like a teacher who challenges us to stretch ourselves.   Saturday: Do you need to be diplomatic? Nurture romance? Create? Choose supportive Moon/Venus aspects. They warm our hearts and add sociability, cuddliness, compassion, creativity and good taste. Sunday:Supportive Moon/Mars aspects give us strength, protectiveness, help us lift rocks, spark passion, establish clear boundaries.Monday: Challenging Moon/Venus aspects can bring social awkwardness, hot or cold emotions, longing, questionable aesthetics. Cure: perform a random act of kindness, diplomacy, art therapy.

Do you need to think? Talk? Travel?  Choose a good relationship or aspect between Mercury and the Moon. They loan us speed and consciousness, the ability to think things through, help us bring our minds to any problem and find an answer.Thursday: Moon/Venus aspects. They warm our hearts and add sociability, cuddliness, compassion, creativity and good taste. 
Challenging Moon/Mercury aspects bring a tendency to get lost in the mind and inspire glitches in all things Mercurial; we can get more edgy, irritable, anxious, scattered, diffused, glib. Cure for Moon/Mercury discomfort: Reconnect mind and heart.Challenging Moon/Mars aspects instigate irritability, willfulness, anger, hurry, a competitive or contrary attitude. Cure: exercise, chop wood, take a brisk walk, acknowledge desires or frustrations, and then finesse that argument. Exercise awareness.excerpts adapted from Heather Roan Robbins‘ Sun Signs and Sun Transits © Mother Tongue Ink 2016 pg 226
excerpts Heather Roan Robbins—derived from her book 
Moon Wisdom © Cico Books, 2016 
from Constellate with the Moon — We’Moon 2018 pgs 15-17Weekly Starcodes

excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page for the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current SunSign.. . . make the most out of accidentally outrageous comments and surprise truths this week as that retrograde Mercury conjuncts expansive Jupiter and approaches a square to Mars.  And let the people who want to be quiet, be quiet, and don’t poke them. It can be easy for one person to be strangely frank and tactlessly, or casually impatient, and tread on another’s emotional toes with Mars now in sensitive, passive-aggressive Pisces at odds with a tactless Mercury. . . . Mars in Pisces can also open our sense of compassion and bring our attention to those who are truly vulnerable . . . Let’s be careful not to exaggerate our own problems, even if it can be easy to do under Mars in Pisces when we feel overwhelmed. Feel the feelings, tend the wounds, but don’t magnify them or use them as an excuse . . . 

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius can be great for getting old stories out . . . stay sensitive to the emotional readiness of the others involved. Venus in friendly and open-hearted Libra opposes unexpected Uranus as the weekend begins, which can help us stir the sparks of an old romantic connection or meet new friends through familiar situations. . . . break routine together for the strength of the relationship. . . . dig out the art supplies and work on communal projects to entertain the crowds. This Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter can pull a spotlight on hidden truth . . . Buried stories get exposed as people speak unguardedly for better or worse. . . . 

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