Lunar News/New Moon

Awakening 2

Lunar News—November 3, 2018
End Daylight Saving Time
and Moon sextile Mercury the 4th
Moon trine Mars the 5th
Moon conjunct Venus the 6th
New moon in Scorpio the 7th
Moon square Mars and
Jupiter moves into Sagittarius the 8th
Moon conjunct Mercury the 9th
Moon moves through:
Sunday: Do you need to think? Talk? Travel? Choose a good relationship or aspect between Mercury and the Moon. They loan us speed and consciousness, the ability to think things through, help us bring our minds to any problem and find an answer.
Monday: Do you need to work out? Take a stand? Get physical?Supportive Moon/Mars aspects give us strength, protectiveness, help us lift rocks, spark passion, establish clear boundaries.
Tuesday: Do you need to be diplomatic? Nurture romance? Create? Choose supportive Moon/Venus aspects. They warm our hearts and add sociability, cuddliness, compassion, creativity and good taste.
Wednesday: With the new moon in Scorpio we have Sharp focus, perceptive can become empowered and mysterious. The mood is smoky, primal, occult, and curious; still waters run deep.
Thursday: Challenging Moon/Mars aspects instigate irritability, willfulness, anger, hurry, a competitive or contrary attitude. Cure: exercise, chop wood, take a brisk walk, acknowledge desires or frustrations, and then finesse that argument. Exercise awareness.

Know Yourself-—Map of Planetary Aspects
MoonCat! © Mother Tongue Ink 2011—pgs 203-204
Jupiter is our quest for truth, living the belief systems that we hold and walking the path of what those beliefs say about us. It involves an ever- expanding desire to educate the Self through knowledge toward higher law, the adventure and opportunity of being on that road—sometimes literally entailing travel and foreign or international culture, language and/or customs.
Sagittarius taps our curiosity, honesty, exploration, playfullness. We grow more curious about what’s unfamiliar.
Friday: Do you need to think? Talk? Travel? Choose a good relationship or aspect between Mercury and the Moon. They loan us speed and consciousness, the ability to think things through, help us bring our minds to any problem and find an answer.
excerpts adapted from Heather Roan Robbins’ Sun Signs and Sun Transits
© Mother Tongue Ink 2016 from We’Moon 2018 pg 226
excerpts Heather Roan Robbins—derived from her book Moon Wisdom © Cico Books, 2016
from Constellate with the Moon — We’Moon 2018 pgs 15-17
Weekly Starcodes
excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page for the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current SunSign.
. . . we work towards a pivotal nexus in 2020 when the two planets we associate with power and control, Saturn and Pluto, conjunct in competent, control-oriented Capricorn. The politics of the United States stay in metamorphosis through 2023 as Pluto returns to its position when our country was born. . . . Saturn-Pluto conjunction really questions how we use power, how we hold boundaries, and how we govern. The last time Saturn and Pluto conjunct was in friendly Libra, in 1982 . . .

. . . Capricorn is associated with parental wisdom, the high-note of Capricorn takes its responsibilities most seriously and believes in honor and respect, it likes clear goals, a mountain to climb like the mountain goat which is its symbol. The shadow side of Capricorn just settles for patriarchal control and domination. . . .
. . . The Sun trines idealistic Neptune this Sunday, which can help us dream big and supports that idealism. On Monday the Moon conjuncts Venus, now retrograde back into friendly, feminine-empowering Libra, and then enters Scorpio. . . . Our memories are long, our decisions will tend to be made by looking backwards rather than looking forwards. . . .
. . . Wednesday brings a new Moon in Scorpio, beginning an intense new cycle that wants to get down to work but continues to stir the depths of the human psyche to see what monsters lurk there. It is not a good week to bate people, because the charge is strong, defenses are up, and a lot of triggered unconscious material fuels our interactions. . . .
. . . On Thursday, Jupiter enters its own sign of Sagittarius and brings a new need to express ourselves, a new desire to understand the truth, to expand, and potentially fresh hopefulness. But it can also bring a new complacency in its most simplistic note. . . .


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