Venus Retrograde & New Moon

Venus Retrograde 2

Venus Retrograde & New Moon

Your pain is real. Valid. Worthy of your attention, compassion, and awareness. However it shows up, flares up, or wraps itself around your bones, tissue, skin and self is information.
Listen in.
To be alive and sensitive to this moment means that we are alive and sensitive to all the moments in our personal past that were too painful to fully understand. To fully hold and heal.
Sometimes it’s safer to repress our pain than to witness it. In order to survive we push it down for days. Decades. Lifetimes.
But then a moment comes along that shatters the vaults we’ve been harboring our stories within. Some brave soul tells their truth and the sound of such honesty cracks the surface of our denial. An outcry shocks the system into consciousness.
And it calls out in response.
This is what it means to be in relationship with ourselves and the world around us. This is what it means to become more and more human. This is what the world needs from you now. Nothing more. Nothing less.
The new moon arrives on October 8th at 8:47pm PT at 15° of Libra. Libra is the sign of balance, relationship, and justice. Libra reminds us that equity cannot exist when we are forced to hide a part of ourselves, our stories, or our truth.

The scales of justice cannot function unless the whole truth is placed upon them. Whether or not our faulty systems, set up to honor the colonizing, rich, white, and male, recognize what hangs in the balance, our souls do. It is the health of our consciousness that is weighed now. And always. In these circumstances, to feel out of balance is an honest assessment of the corruption we are weighed against. In times like these our pain, and also our numbness, is a marker of our health, not our illness.
This new moon is square Pluto, planet of long-lasting transformations, obsessions, and deep investigations into the nature of our wounded selves. The new moon wants balance, but Pluto demands that we grasp the understanding of it from the root. It demands a cathartic exploration of the nature of our burdens and a delicate balance of healing the past so that we can be as present as possible for this moment.
The ruler of this new moon is Venus, who has just stationed retrograde.
In Scorpio.
The boiling of our blood may be hard to temper at this time. But this time doesn’t call for temperance. Not if we want justice.
The halls of corrupt power count on our civility. They call for our acceptance of the immoral so that we will be handmaids to their evil spawn. They will say that peace at any cost outweighs the toll it takes on our bodies, hearts, and minds to carry the burden of their lies.

But we know better.
The usual niceties and pleasantries of Libra Season are put aside for the real, raw truth of this moment. With Venus retrograding through Scorpio, we are unable to escape our underworlds and the monsters that await us there, but we are also less likely to deny ourselves of the power we have when we face them.
May this be the time when we answer the call to win the battles our forbears fought with us as their greatest hope. May these be the times where the ghosts of unfulfilled promises be laid to rest through our collective, creative efforts and expertise. May these be the times we put an end to rights un-won and justice undone.
We know that this is a place of privilege for too few. A place of harm for too many. A place that desperately needs us to act in defense of all that is holy, sacred, and meaningful to us. Daily. Unwaveringly. Inexhaustibly. We know that this world is so out of balance it will take every single one of us weighing in to correct it.
No matter the way the world appears, the impact of people witnessing one another in their pain, purpose, and humanity is powerful enough to put in motion the movements needed to topple any and every evil.
And that is what we shall do.
New moon blessings,
Chani Nicholas

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