5 Herbs That Relieve Anxiety

Herbs for Anxiety

Anxiety seems to be one of the more prevalent conditions of the modern world. It’s not surprising – life is more fast paced and there is simply “more stuff happening” than there used to be. We face the demands of trying to “make it” in a changing world; one where the real rules are not necessarily taught but often need to be figured out as we go along… all the while balancing work, relationships, bills, taxes and the need to grow. Have you made sense of this crazy world?
We have our own page on herbs for anxiety but we found another good one, courtesy of our friends at Nature Hacks – and it’s nicely written. The link is below my tips.

I get a few questions and comments saying “This information is great but how do you actually use the herbs?” First things first, you need to check that it is safe for you to use the herb. If you are on medications, pregnant or have a serious pre-existing condition, you will need to check – typically with a medical professional or authority resource, that it is safe for you: A number of herbs are contraindicated (advised against) in pregnancy because they carry an abortion risk. You can also typically get some background information online by running a search (for example) on “rosemary contraindications” or “rosemary herb safety” or something like that – but be aware that online sources are not always accurate and certainly not the equivalent of professional medical advice.
On to the next step, herbs and supplements are generally available in the form of either teas, tinctures or supplements and can be obtained easily in health food stores or online i.e. Amazon. Supplements typically have advice on dosage, and I would always suggest to start under the recommended amount. You should be safe if you are trying something for the first time, even if it is a popular herb used by many people. You can even pull open a capsule end empty out half of it if you want to go that far. Same goes with the teas, you can always try a weak brew before trying a strong brew…
One of the great things about tinctures is that a typical “dose” is normally around 30 drops (always read the label) – so you have the option to fine tune the amount quite nicely.
Other options include essential oils, which have their own “rules” and safety notes, and ready-made product formulations that contain the herb(s) in question.
You can also pick or purchase fresh herbs, which is seen as the ultimate way to go but usually involves some preparation work.

Ok here is the link to the original list and tutorial: http://naturehacks.com/natural-remedies/5-herbs-that-relieve-anxiety




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