Full Moon & More

Manigfest Magick © Heather Brunetti 2015

Full moon in Leo, 
Total Lunar Eclipse &
Mercury moves into Aquarius the 31st
Imbolc on the 2nd
Moon moves through:
Cancer / Leo / Virgo

Deep beneath winter’s surface, the earth serpent stirs, called from dreaming as subtle energies shift and earth’s longing for light, sheltered in winter dreaming, is born. We lift hopeful candles and torches to the night sky, calling to the moon and her starry attendants, invoking the return of light. . . .
. . . we seek a place where we can feel living earth beneath our feet, offer prayers, poems, songs, dance invocations and blessings. We open our arms and hearts to the light—that it may unfold in the world and in us, that we may be candles of prayer and blessing wherever we go.

Sherri Rose-Walker © Mother Tongue Ink 2017
Moon: inward sense of self, emotions, psyche
Leo (Fire): Creativity, charisma, warmth, and enthusiasm. Gather with others to celebrate and share bounty.
Mercury: communication, travel, thought

Aquarius (Air): Community, ingenuity, collaboration, idealistic. It’s time to honor the philosophy of love and the power of community.
January 31st:  Total Lunar Eclipse occurs at 11° Leo.  As the Moon dims look within for what is bright and beautiful. Let the emerging Lunar light cast off shadows, then shine your true colors for the world.                                     
Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2017  — From We’Moon 2018 – Eclipses: 2018 pg. 22
Weekly Starcodes
excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page for the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current SunSign.
The planets ask us interesting questions this week. Our teams call us, people need us, our civic duty knocks on the door, and yet we may still have lingering personal work percolating throughout this winter, and may be enduring, recovering from, or avoiding the flu. So, how do we balance our needs the needs of our community, how do we practice good self-care while we honor our responsibilities. And how do we keep life interesting. This week’s full Moon in Leo, lunar eclipse, wants to know.

Both as a person and country, if we ‘re too self-centered, the world becomes a worse place and our world and community suffers. If we overextend ourselves and put other’s needs ahead of our own- all the time- we don’t get our work done and lose the resilience we need to be of service.

The Sun and Venus now in expansive, political Aquarius, joined by Mercury on Wednesday, help us see the bigger picture. They encourage us to think about our friends, our civic duty, and on a more metaphysical level, they encourage us to dwell on the interconnectedness of all sentient beings. They underlined the fact that if one population gets the flu, the chances are, so will all the others. . . .


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