Mercury Retrograde & Full Moon

Astrology of the Week
Friday, December 1st
Venus enters Sagittarius
Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries, both at 25°
Saturday, December 2nd
Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, both at 11°
Mercury stations retrograde at 29° of Sagittarius
Sunday, December 3rd
Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces
Full moon at 11° of Gemini
The week’s most pressing theme is communication. Information. Messages and their delivery. Our attention and where we place it. With Mercury making a conjunction to Saturn, as it stations retrograde, during a week with a full moon in Gemini (one of the signs Mercury rules) that is in an exact square to Neptune, we can be sure that we are going to get some things wrong.
Rightly so, though. These are days where misunderstandings are perfect pathways into deeper knowing.
By Friday, Venus joins both Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius. There until December 24th, Venus finds pleasure in the quest. Venus in Sagittarius loves far and wide. Loves with greater ease the more room it is given. Loves with the urgency of a traveler that might not see you again.
Venus is gracing Sagittarius’s spaces with some of its much needed sweetness. While Mercury and Saturn here set up some difficulties for us, Venus assists when and where it can. This creates a mixed situation for us to sort through in the area of our chart that contains Sagittarius. With both the heavy burden of responsibility and the pleasure that can come when we seek to be in relationship with a deeper understanding of our duties, the area of our chart that contains Sagittarius has much to teach us in the coming month.
On the same day as Venus’s entrance into a new sign, Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Mars is the last of a series of planets moving through Libra and opposing Uranus for some time. Mars in opposition to Uranus is an incredibly disruptive, distracting, disturbing-the-peace kind of moment in the week. One that will be felt on the days leading up to it and the days after it. This transit is bound to add shock waves to Mercury’s already confusing twists and turns. Waves that lead us into the weekend’s intriguing waters of Jupiter’s trine to Neptune, Mercury’s consequential station retrograde, and the dreamy and deluded full moon in Gemini square Neptune.
This is a weekend where folks will want to reach for the ideal scenario. A weekend that can remind us of the exquisite importance of optimism. A weekend that makes known the consequences of mistaking a mirage for a final destination.
As Jupiter trines Neptune (the first of three transits between these two over the course of the next year) the urge to connect is magnified. These two together want to bring out the best of our human hearts. They want to elevate our minds to places where we might remember how incredible a gift it is to make even the smallest acts of kindness central to our everyday life. They want to bring us back to the importance of striving for some larger understanding of our little human life and extending that out to all we come in contact with.
It’s a high worth riding.
But steady on. Mercury’s station retrograde is right around the corner. In a sign in which Mercury struggles a great deal, sitting next to Saturn, Mercury’s last retrograde of the year is one that is defining. Lining up with a time when we are naturally looking back on the year past, this review is an important one. This is the end of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. These two come together twice over the next three weeks delivering important messages about Saturn’s time here. Since it will be another 30 years before Saturn re-enters Sagittarius, it’s a bitter sweet goodbye. Whatever we have been able to define, dedicate and get serious about in this area of our lives will serve us for the next 3 decades to come.
Come the very end of the week, Neptune plays tricks with the sun and moon. Squaring them both during the full moon, Neptune will make us parse out which situations inspire us to new heights and which leave us too intoxicated to pick ourselves up the next day.
Keep as grounded as you can.
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