Peppermint Kitchen Wipes

How To Make Reusable Peppermint Kitchen Wipes

Regular store-bought “cleaning wipes” may contain chemical ingredients with varying degrees of toxicity; and even unknown ingredients labeled under “blanket terms” such as “fragrance”, which may contain hundreds of petrochemical-derived ingredients.

So if you are looking to avoid such toxins, then you will love this idea for making your own cleaning wipes that we recently discovered. Not only are these wipes simple and really inexpensive to make, but they are all-natural – using essential oils! They are also super eco-friendly, being both made from recycled materials and reusable. You can add your own essential oils but some of the ones suggested (citrus oils, peppermint) are known for their cleaning effects and refreshing fragrance). Many essential oils are antimicrobial – such as tea tree and eucalyptus.

Another benefit of using peppermint is that it is a natural deterrent to a number of insects! So it is great for help you keep your kitchen free of ants and other bugs.

I really love this idea, it’s really simple, totally eco-friendly and “makes sense” on so many levels.

Ok here is the link to the original tutorial:


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