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Lunar News

  • Full Moon in Aries the 5th
  • Moon moves through:
    Aquarius / Pisces / Aries
Amidst the struggle, beauty emerged. The lilies bloomed magnificent and fragrant in the garden, the children laughed and played. We strengthened bonds, made love more often. We gave up resistance and opened ourselves to uncertainty. We chose consciousness over denial, passion over anger, connection over separation. A new understanding of life was born from the remnants of the old. A pathway of possibilities emerged—renewable energy, solar and wind power, green building, rooftop gardens, community. We began again . . .
¤ Carolyn  Johnston 2009
Moon: inward sense of self, emotions, psyche
When the moon is in Aries:
We come alive and cop an attitude. Like little wildfires, our temper and enthusiasm spark quickly, burn hot and flash out. The mood is direct, brusque, impatient, and alternates between energized and lazy. Let’s get the party started and boldly go where we have not gone before.
Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2015 
From We’Moon 2017: Stardust pgs 15-17
Weekly Starcodes
excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page for the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current SunSign.
A fresh efficiency rolls in and can push our work along as long as we can feel inspired, rather than distracted or overwhelmed, by our imagination or empathy. We can see where we’re going on practical matters, but can be distracted by our hopes and fears… 
Venus and Mars conjunct in Virgo help us have a good long talk with ourselves, really assess our life and progress. They also help us form bonds of compassion, which is a Virgo strength, with one another to do the work that needs to be done…
Venus and Mars in Virgo can lead us to be more defensive, if we are not an introspective sort or not in introspective mood, it is easy to feel guilty and therefore defensive, and for some it may lead them to hold on to their prejudices with an even greater fierceness because they don’t want to let in that self-criticism.…
Virgo rules the gut, so we can feel any emotional tension in our digestive system. But this can nudge us to take better care of ourselves.  
One helpful note, Mercury leaves Virgo and enters equitable Libra this week, and loan us the ability to see another’s perspective, if we choose to do so….  
The week ends on a wildly passionate note, the full Moon in brave, impulsive Aries can be one of the wildest times of the year. This year Venus and Mars conjunct exactly on that day, though luckily in thoughtful Virgo, and really crank up the emotional heat for romance and anger, for wild parties or riots in the street. We can channel this emotional momentum into whatever makes us passionate, but be wary of a combustible reaction.  
Thursday, October 5: The Moon is full in impulsive Aries as Venus and Mars conjunct, and together they add strength to our passions and rocket fuel to any emotional situation. We could jump into and out of relationships, projects, or strange events. If we honor the feelings but not let them drive the boat, we can still find a new honesty about what we really feel. Tonight, howl at the Moon and get into reasonable trouble.

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