Simple Feng Shui

Simple Feng Shui

Want fast and simple Feng Shui? This is a quickie cure that only involves two things. First, open the windows. Let fresh air enter. That was easy! Second, move the furniture. You aren’t decorating or relocating with this one, just move it. (A bonus would be to clean under it while you are there). Now, move the furniture back where it was. Close the windows. What you just did was bring life into rooms….


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  1. Now this is my kind of feng shui! But seriously, I can see how this would imbue life into a room. Air conditioning in the summer really stifles a room even though the temperature is cool. I’m fortunate to have an excellent swamp cooler and it works much better with at least one window open. And cleaning under the furniture – that’s a plus. It’s interesting that even though you can’t see that it was cleaned under there, moving it and vacuuming does make it “feel” more clean.

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