We’Moon Lunar News

We’Moon Lunar News

Summer Solstice/New Moon

Dance of the Universal Light © Mandala Rainbow Sunfire 2012

This is your time
You are glowing under the moon

You are shining near the fire

You will arise 

each morning

moving yourself up 

to the highlands 

of your own heart

Keep going

you deliciously sweet framework 

of brains and bones

Your existence is a miracle…
¤ Kim Adonna 2015
Tuesday the sun moves into Cardinal Water Cancer and turns our attention toward bio-family and chosen family, home, homeland, and towards the Earth our mother. What feeds us, what do we feed, what nourishes our soul, what do we digest? We need time in our shell and with our familiars.
Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2015
from We’Moon 2017: Stardust introduction pgs
Summer Solstice
The seasonal cycle of the year is created by the tilt of the Earth’s axis, leaning toward or away from the Sun, north to south, as the Earth orbits the Sun. Solstices are the extreme points all over the world when days and nights are longest or shortest.
Often, this time of year, we feel as if there is too much of everything, including good things. There is so much to do and be! It’s not easy to handle this overload with grace, and we can experience confusion, frustration, shame and fatigue. It’s comforting to recognize that we are in the grip of nature’s fecundity. This is a time of assessments—am I creating consciously? Am I nurturing something that no longer serves me? Is my own Desire guiding me? Should I stay the course? Feeling out of control may be a sign that something is out of balance.  Personal ritual around overwhelm can help us tip the balance from chaos to feeling the sweet fullness of life.
Kim Duckett © Mother Tongue Ink 2016
from We’Moon 2017: Stardust Summer Solstice pg 106
Wednesday Gemini asks questions, enlivens our minds and encourages our communication. Like the birds, sing far and wide, connect with like minds and build a scattered network of understanding. Mercury: communication, travel and thought is at Aphelion (ApH), the point in a planet’s orbit that is farthest from the Sun. 
Friday with the new moon in Cancer it’s time to come home and return to our shell, nurture our soul away from existential homesickness and into connection with the Mother and with our chosen family. The vibe is moody, protective, cranky and defensive if we feel pushed—but cozy, nurturing and empathic where we feel safe. PrG (Perigee) is the point in the Moon’s orbit that is nearest to Earth. Transits with the Moon, when at perigee, will be more intense.
Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2015
from We’Moon 2017: Stardust introduction pgs

by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page for the weeks complete daily predictions and an overview of the Year for the current SunSign.
Chiron sets an underlying theme for the week. As the Sun illuminates the consequences of our actions in the past, present, and the foreseeable future, we need to look at what we learned through the tough twists and turns of our life, distill this understanding and offer it in the present moment as Venus, the Sun, and Mercury all form aspects to the asteroid Chiron, a symbol of the wounded healer. It’s a good week to remember what we learned and pass on.  Just share the story or stand witness and the pearls of the of   experience….
… Neptune stations retrograde, squares Mercury, and adds to confusing decisions and an uncertainty about the future.  It also adds to health problems related to pollution, to obstruction, gas leaks and other Neptunian problems, so stay aware….
… Venus is now in its own earthy sign of Taurus and encourages us to stay grounded throughout this, no matter how buzzy or busy or unreal the general vibe can be….
… Generally, Taurus encourages us to hold on and collect, so it can be hard to let go of any person, thing, or idea right now with Venus in Taurus, but that may be exactly what we need to do for further progress. Somehow we need to lighten our load to create room for the future….
…Inventory relationships and sort what needs maintenance, what we need to let go, and what we need to nurture….

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