Amrita Aromatherapy: World’s Largest Selection of Organic Essential Oils

Amrita Aromatherapy (Fairfield, Iowa) now offers 115 USDA-Certified Organic essential oils— the world’s largest selection of authentic organic essential oils. Amrita, at, is a top supplier for US aromatherapy professionals. Amrita was the very first essential oil company to be USDA-Certified Organic.

Aromatherapy professionals rightly insist on potent, effective essential oils. In 2016, 98% of Amrita’s sales were to manufacturers and professionals. Big drums of pure essential oils arrive daily at Amrita’s Fairfield facility from artisan growers around the world: Nepal, Argentina, France, Brazil, Indonesia—oils come from every continent. Among Amrita’s oils are organic Neroli (from orange tree blossoms), Frankincense (calming), and Lavender (the most useful oil—for bites, for burns, and to go to sleep). Amrita’s premium Rose Otto takes one entire ton of organic rose blossoms to make just one quart of essential oil. Rose Otto costs twice as much as gold! But, don’t be alarmed—Amrita’s oils are surprisingly affordable. Dr. Christoph Streicher, Master Aromatherapist and founder of Amrita writes, “Aromatherapy professionals need potent, authentic essential oils. The starting point is to work with the best producers in each country.”

USDA-Certified Organic essential oils are the future of the industry. People trust the USDA organic program for essential oils. And organic really matters! Unbiased third-party testing finds that half of the US essential oil companies sell at least some unreliable, adulterated or mislabeled products. So that USDA-Certified seal on the bottle is precious. It means no herbicides, no pesticides, no GMO, and no unwanted additives or preservatives. Organic plants are more healthy and their oils are superior. Essential oils for healing ought to be organic if at all possible.

There is science in essential oils. Each oil at Amrita passes rigorous testing: gas chromatography, organoleptic testing, and more. And this is in addition to the very demanding organic requirements met by each producer. Any oil that fails testing is returned—it’s never sold. Holistic aromatherapy is different from modern pharmacology. Aromatherapy produces benefits using the complete plant essence from strong healthy plants. Pharmacology offers the isolated “active ingredient”—a single isolated synthetic chemical. Thousands of scientific studies now validate today’s holistic approach—especially seeing benefits with minimal side-effects. Essential oils are not new—they’ve been used for centuries. Even so, they’re an exciting new frontier for medical research. Studies at reflect research efforts to develop new antibiotics based on essential oils.

There are hundreds of essential oils altogether, each with its own uses. Amrita’s unmatched collection of certified organic essential oils gives aromatherapy professionals every tool they need for success. And everyday users, too.




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