Feng Shui – Azurite

Feng Shui - Azurite Sometimes people add crystals to their home simply because of their innate beauty, but you'll always be glad to get the extra benefits, too. Azurite is known as the Stone of Heaven for its connection to intuition, insight, and creativity. If you're trying to let your creative side soar, add one... Continue Reading →


Amrita Aromatherapy: World’s Largest Selection of Organic Essential Oils

Amrita Aromatherapy (Fairfield, Iowa) now offers 115 USDA-Certified Organic essential oils— the world’s largest selection of authentic organic essential oils. Amrita, at http://www.Amrita.net, is a top supplier for US aromatherapy professionals. Amrita was the very first essential oil company to be USDA-Certified Organic. Aromatherapy professionals rightly insist on potent, effective essential oils. In 2016, 98%... Continue Reading →

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