We’Moon Lunar News

We’Moon Lunar News

Lunar News May 2017
*   Full Moon in Scorpio the 10th
*   Moon is Apogee (ApG) the 12th

*   Moon moves through:

             Libra / Scorpio / Sagittarius
She Speaks to My Heart © Karen Russo 2015
With the moon in Scorpio on Wednesday our focus, wit and temper sharpen. The mood is broody, sultry, possessive, introspective and serious with dark humor. We want to research, look under the rocks, look at the worst-case scenario and know we’re strong enough to handle it. 
Thursday, with the moon moving into Sagittarius our temper lightens; we grow resilient, frank, restless and need a change of scene. Our minds roam the natural world, to faraway places and vast philosophies. While we’re impatient with details close to home, we open our hearts to children and wild animals.
Friday with the moon at Apogee (ApG), the point in the Moon’s orbit that is farthest from Earth, the effects of this transit (Scorpio to Sagittarius) may be less noticeable immediately, but may appear later.
Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2015 
excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page to read the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current Sun Sign.
Changes, reversal, adjustments, and explorations, this week could be exciting. And if it’s not, we may be tempted to start trouble and make it so as Mercury, is finally direct and moving forward, building up steam in restless Aries, and then…
The clutch is in, and we are changing gears. Recent political and personal turmoil and excitement created while Mercury stationed at this tricky point, going back and forth over Uranus and Eris, named after the goddess of discord, can wear on our nerves. The current is unexpected and exciting, erratic and electric; as Uranus charges up our nervous systems we can both feel buzzy enough to delay sleep, and never quite feel rested, as if our engines are running too hot.
With the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Libra, both Venus-ruled signs, it can be a cuddly weekend. It helps our potentially neurologically fried nervous system to take a moment in the Sun and soothe ourselves with healthy creature comforts. This friendly overtone lasts through Monday…
The Moon heads into Scorpio late Monday night and waxes full on Wednesday, one of the most broody and moody full Moons of the year….

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