Horoscopes for the Week of May 1st

Mercury Stations Direct: Horoscopes for the Week of May 1st


Collage by Chani

Wednesday, May 3rd

Mercury stations direct at 24° of Aries 

Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces

This Wednesday, Mercury stations direct. Reappearing as morning star, Mercury momentarily moves incredibly slowly as it appears to change direction. When a planet moves slowly it tends to drive home a point. Taking a deliberate, dramatic pause, Mercury will pull focus in the most obvious of ways, not just because it is stationing direct but also because it will do so while conjunct Uranus, the planet of awakenings, breakthroughs, and breakdowns.

This set up is encouraging us to cut ties with the traditional ways of thinking about an issue that keep us locked in the same answers. This set up encourages us to channel the kind of creativity that throws off the shackles of conformity and embraces a wild and untamable ingenuity.

Mercury and Uranus are sitting within a degree of each other for a while. They have been k-i-s-s-i-n-g since early last week and will still be doing so well into next week. When direct, Mercury moves with swiftness and speed. This prolonged co-mingling with Uranus is therefore rare. It can bring about a twist of fate, more disorderly days and the need to try new, possibly risky, splits from convention. This astrology is bumpy but sometimes a little turbulence can shake into place what has been out of sorts.

The only other aspect between planets this week is the sweet and subtle sextile between the sun and Neptune. Neptune helps us to visualize, dream and imagine. Since this is an aspect that was present at the time of last week’s new moon, it is encouraging us to keep building ourselves into our dream lives. A little inebriating in effect, a sextile from Neptune can loosen us up just enough to embrace the changes that the Mercury/Uranus conjunction is setting up.

View individual horoscopes at: http://chaninicholas.com/2017/05/mercury-stations-direct-horoscopes-week-may-1st/


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