We’Moon Lunar News April 22, 2017

We’Moon Lunar News April 22, 2017

Lunar News April 22, 2017
  •  New Moon in Taurus the 27th
  • ♀Venus moves into Aries the 28th
  • ☽ Moon moves through:
    Aries / Taurus / Gemini
…Listen closely to the plants
press your face to the earth
let your belly rest 
on the ground
what do you feel
what do you know…
excerpt ¤ L. Sixfingers 2015
fron We’Moon 2017 pg. 81
Venus Moon © Mary Ann Mohr 2009
When the moon is in Taurus it’s time to put steady and persistent action into what we started yesterday. Plant seeds and ideas in this fertile time. Friendly stubbornness sets the mood; if pushed, we just dig in our heels. Our sensuality brings us back into our bodies; our hungers sharpen. Those Born Under a Taurus Moon search for stability and have a gift with the world of matter. They share their sensuality, understand value, can nurture and grow people, plants and stuff, but need to learn flexibility and the gift of letting go.
Venus represents our relationship, love, sense of beauty, empathy. Come alive! Cardinal Fire Aries revivifies us after a long winter by reminding us who we are and what we want. We become more primal, direct, frank, open, and rebellious; our inner teenager comes alive, our adult self needs to direct the energy wisely.
Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2016
from We’Moon 2017 Introduction
excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins—Visit our Astology Connection page to read the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current Sun Sign.
…We can plant seeds, projects, world-shattering problems or great love; anything we plant had a great chance to grow, though maybe not quite like we intended, so let’s be careful what we plant.
Our words can be seeds. They have extra weight right now so we need to practice mindfulness with what we do and say. Mercury retrograde is already complicating our thought process, transportation, and communications from April 9 to May 3, and now retrograde back into feisty, inspired, low-impulse control Aries… 
…Mars has just entered verbal Gemini…
Our thinking can be volatile, our words can inflame or inspire throughout the next two weeks, our nervous system can rev, anxiety creep in unless we put this extra neurological voltage to good use…
we cannot choose the transits, but we can always choose how we respond, and the cure for the pain of a tough aspect is found in its positive reframe. We can use our words to express our feelings, listen and come to new understandings, become inspired or find a way to inspire others…

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