Essential Oils for Children

Essential Oils for Children

The following essential oils are calming, relaxing, and uplifting:

Lavender Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Distillation Method: Steam distillation of the flowering tops.

Lavender Essential Oil Organic (1/3 oz)

Lavender Oil is known for its penetrating, herbaceous, sweet, floral, clean fragrance that blends very well. A versatile oil, it’s an excellent oil for burns and muscular problems. It’s often used on insect bites or other skin irritations, and is known to be mild on the skin. Calming. Perfect for use in the bath, massage, your diffuser, skin/hair care, inhalation, lotions, perfumes, and flower water.

Scent Characteristics: Penetrating, herbaceous, sweet, floral, clean fragrance that blends exceptionally well.

1/3 fluid ounce – $6.90 (Special Sale Price for April)

Bergamot Essential Oil

 Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium bergamia

Distillation Method: Cold pressed from peels of the fruit.

Bergamot Essential Oil Organic (1/3 oz)

Has a fresh, sweet fruit, slightly balsamic, floral scent that is good for blending. Known as a digestive aid and also helps oily, blemished skin. Bergamot Essential Oil is uplifting, relaxing, and soothing. Great for use as a perfume or fragrance, in a diffuser, for baths, massages, and blends.

Scent Characteristics: Fresh, sweet, fruity, slightly balsamic scent good for blending.

1/3 fluid ounce – $11.67

Lemon Essential Oil

 Botanical Name: Citrus limon

Distillation Method: Cold pressed from the peels.

Lemon Essential Oil Organic (1/3 oz)

Light, fresh, citrus scent, and nice for blending, Lemon Essential Oil has a number of important properties, such as the ability to stimulate the immune system, to increase the production of white corpuscles, and lift the mood (uplifting). Great for use in your diffuser, the bath, massage, as a food flavorant, in lotion, and as a mouthwash.

Scent Characteristics: Light fresh, citrus scent nice for blending.

1/3 fluid ounce – $6.58

Special Essential Oil Blend Recipe for Children

Add the following essential oils to 1/3 ounce of your chosen carrier oil:

6 drops Bergamot

5 drops Lavender

4 drops Lemon

Swirl gently until thoroughly mixed.

Use in any of the above mentioned ways; bath, massage, diffuser, etc…

Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist

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