Elder’s Meditation – Women

Elder’s Meditation – Women

“Women know more about love than men do…Love is taking. Love is sharing. Love is learning things about each other.”

-Mary Leitka, HOH

The Elders say Mother Earth shares Her special gifts of love with the Women. The Women know about bringing forth life and nurturing their offspring. Through this gift of love the Earth really makes the Woman special. Men should look upon the Woman with a Sacred Eye. She should be respected. The Woman is a role model for love. When the Woman talks, we should listen; when she shares, we should be grateful. We should all learn about each other.

Grandmother, teach me to love with the power of the Woman.


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  1. Nice, I really like that! I have found though, that even though we are loving and nurturing, we are considered weak. We also have a warrior’s side as well which people seem to overlook. We become fierce protectors of those we love, even to the point of fighting off those who threaten them. Women are both loving/nurturing as well as fierce and protective. Men should remember this when they say women should stay at home and take care of the house and kids.

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