Angelic Fragrances: Tuberose, Verbena, Yarrow

1 A Angelic Fragrance 2

Tuberose Essential Oil is associated with a particular type of Angelic Being; seemingly one who brings messages very clearly and with much love. It assists us in understanding our life’s purpose, and perhaps in how better to give the love that we have been given in abundance from the Angelic Realms and God.

Tuberose Absolute

Verbena Essential Oil assists us in attuning to the higher spiritual self, in attempting to complete the harmonization between mind and spirit.

3 Milliliters

Yarrow Essential Oil is for when we are in search of spiritual understanding, stimulation, and clarity. Some report that Yarrow Essential Oil can bring answers into the mind following prayer.

Yarrow, Blue Essential Oil

Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist
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Resource: The Fragrant Heavens by Valerie Ann Worwood

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