We’Moon Lunar News April 15th – 21st, 2017

We’Moon Lunar News April 15th – 21st, 2017

Earth Medicine © Barbara Largent

Lunar News April 15, 2017

  • Venus Direct in Pisces the 15th
  • Half Moon in Capricorn the 19th
  • Sun moves into Taurus the 19th 
  • Pluto Retrograde the 20th
  • Mercury in Aries the 20th
  • Mars in Gemini the 21st
Venus is our recognition of love, art and beauty. Venus is harmony in its expressed form, as well as compassion, bliss and acceptance. In Mutable Water Pisces it reminds us to hibernate, to renew our wells with rest, introspection, feed our fertile imagination, and create safety for our sensitivity and intuition. 
The Moon represents our capacity to feel or empathize with those around us and within our own soul as well. It awakens our intuitive and emotional body. When the moon is in Capricorn, get organized, make a list and check it off; a sense of accomplishment is the best cure for potential depression. The mood is determined, serious, competent, but uncomfortable without purpose or goal. Manage, don’t manipulate. Reach into history or tradition for answers.
Pluto is still in Capricorn through 2024, transforming how we use power—electrical, political and personal—by showing us power at its most oppressive worst, as well as at its empowering best. When retrograde, planetary energies turn back in on themselves and are more involuted
Mercury involves our communication skills and how we think about things. In Aries it revivifies us after a long winter by reminding us who we are and what we want. We become more primal, direct, frank, open, and rebellious; our inner teenager comes alive, our adult self needs to direct the energy wisely.
Mars is our capacity to take action and do; it represents being in motion. It can also affect our temperament. Gemini asks questions, enlivens our minds and encourages our communication. Like the birds we sing far and wide, connect with like minds and build a scattered network of understanding.
excerpts by Heather Roan Robbins
from We’Moon 2017 Introduction pages
Sun in Taurus
Sturdy. Simple. Pleasure. Peace. The bull that builds is a happy one indeed, but there are astrological moments that ask us to consider what might be best to bring into form. 
The beginning of 2017 sets you up for a review. Your ruling planet, Venus, will be retrograde 4/4–5/15, and will ask you to look deeper into the nature of what goes on behind the scenes. Your deeper motives, subconscious fears and flaws, and all the projects that are incubating demand your attention. These are important pieces to get straight as there is, simultaneously, a major boom wanting to take place in your work life…
excerpt by Chani Nicholas © Mother Tongue Ink 2016
from We’Moon 2017 Year at a Glance for Taurus—read more on pg. 83
by Heather Roan RobbinsVisit our Astology Connection page for the complete daily predictions for the week and an overview of the Year for the current SunSign.
…It’s up to us to evolve, renew, and handle familiar difficulties with a fresh perspective….
…It’s a week of wildcards, unusual events provide us with opportunities to pay off some debts and heal old difficulties, to return to familiar traditions, people, and emotional scenarios, and reconnect with the best. But if we get stuck in old patterns, we renew them for another cycle….
…Mercury and Venus, two planets that symbolize how we interact with one another, are both retrograde and working peculiarly….
…The depths of our psyche are being stirred and people will tend to react with extra charge (jabs, digs, angry words) and not think through consequences….
 …So let’s be part of the de-escalation team….
…Be willing to try and truly understand, rather than just make a point. Take a deep breath and check motives; are we doing this to avoid a more complex problem that needs to be looked at, or are we doing this because it needs to be done.
…Keep the compassionate heart and sense of humor engaged….
…The retrogrades send us back to work on the past to heal, learn, repair, repay, and reflect….

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