Natural Detox with Baltic Amber and Turquoise

Baltic Amber and Turquoise A Prescription Drug Alternative for Toxic Substances Sore throat, runny nose, itchy eyes, and the endless coughing... Let's face it; we all hate getting sick and aim to avoid it at all possible costs --especially during flu season. Many people are subconsciously accustomed to constantly washing their hands, avoiding contact with those... Continue Reading →

5 Aromatherapy Recipes for the Overloaded Empath

5 Aromatherapy Recipes for the Overloaded Empath An empath is someone who deeply feels the energies and emotions of others when out in the world. The empaths among us, those who do magic, energy healing, Reiki, massage, and aromatherapy all share one thing in common – we interact on a deep subconscious and vibrational... Continue Reading →

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