Tips On How To Deal With Anxiety Pt 2

Anxiety Part II


Sorry I posted this late but I didn’t have WiFi the whole day because I didn’t have electricity the whole day.

I had done the first part of this a while back and since then I have learnt some more things that help me with my anxiety that I wanted to share with you guys! For the first part please click here.

Identify your triggers- Most people have different triggers and knowing what triggers you can help you avoid them. Write them down if you like and try to avoid as many as you can. Or you can try to desensitize yourself one trigger at a time if you can’t avoid them.

Read up on it- Find out as much about your anxiety as you can. The more you can understand it the more ways you can find to deal with it. And research can really make a difference when it…

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Tips On How To Deal With Anxiety



I usually have lots of anxiety about things most people tend to not even think about. Recently my anxiety had gotten worse but I have been trying to fight it. I know anxiety is one of the most common disorders in the world and I wanted to share some of the things that help me feel less anxious all the time and help me ignore the symptoms.

Stop overthinking it– sometimes distracting yourself can really help ignore your symptoms. The thing with anxiety is that it is always with you all the time and sometimes doing something calming like reading or listening to music can really help.

Exercise– exercising releases endorphins which make you feel better and feeling good removes the anxiety because two opposite emotions cannot coexist. Exercising can also really help give you time to think about situations more calmly and realistically.

Write/Talk about it–…

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