A New Astrological Year Begins With the 2017 Aries Equinox: March 20 2017

A New Astrological Year Begins With the 2017 Aries Equinox: March 20 2017


Moontide Femme by Anna Briggs of Annas Breath

The Sun will enter the sign of Aries on March 20th, 2017 and take us into a brand new season of energy. The Northern Hemisphere will be celebrating the entrance of Spring and the Southern Hemisphere will welcome Autumn. The day and night will be perfectly balanced and as a result, some of us may find an equilibrium. It’s a very powerful astrological time.

When the Sun enters Aries new beginnings and energy are sparked into motion.

The Zodiac begins with the sign of Aries, which makes it the perfect place to embark upon a fresh start.  The February Eclipses closed out chapters and ignited new ones at the same time. This seasonal shift, happening here, now takes us deeper into our new beginnings. Aries is the sign that’s the pioneer and one that jumps into anything and everything.  It’s got a brave heart and doesn’t need much convincing because it’s the thrill of the unknown that drives it forward. Some of its fearless energy will be in the air helping to propel us ahead and feel the possibility in doing something different.

Astrologers have long used the first day of any season (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter) to forecast the tone of the next three months ahead. Relationship matters are still a major focal point with Venus moving deeper into her retrograde at the point of the equinox. Our values are being questioned and realigned in the new season ahead. To find out more about the new beginnings in motion for each of us personally, read about the deeper meaning of this Venus Retrograde Cycle.

The 2017 Aries Equinox is a perfect time to set new intentions.

Use the energy at hand to breath new life into something or simply use it to appreciate all we currently have. Endings always yield new beginnings and if we pause for a moment we might be able to tap into the “something new” that lies ahead.



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