We’Moon Lunar News, March 18th – 20th

We’Moon Lunar News, March 18th – 20th

Summer © Robin Quinlivan 2014

Lunar News March 18, 2017

  • March 20th:
    Spring Equinox
    Sun goes into Aries
    Waning Half Moon in Capricorn
  • Moon moves through:
    Capricorn / Aquarius / Pisces

From a spiritual and psychological standpoint, the transition from winter into spring is a restructuring time. We may feel a stirring of new life, new ideas, or a movement from inertia to growth. There are many ways to return from an Underworld or Innerworld experience—it’s not always a comfortable time. How can we help each other through this turbulent re-entry? We Answer: in ritual. We begin with purification—a sweat, or a bath in a river, the ocean—to clear the dross of deep inner work. Then we move toward Return. This may take the form of an actual journey through the woods, or through guided meditation.

Come alive! Cardinal Fire Aries revivifies us after a long winter by reminding us who we are and what we want. We become more primal, direct, frank, open, and rebellious; our inner teenager comes alive, our adult self needs to direct the energy wisely.
Those born under the Aries Sun embody those qualities. Don’t tell them what to do, give them a challenge instead. Appreciate their enthusiasm, life force, leadership, and no-nonsense clarity.
Get organized, make a list and check it off; a sense of accomplishment is the best cure for potential depression. The mood is determined, serious, competent, but uncomfortable without purpose or goal. Manage, don’t manipulate. Reach into history or tradition for answers.
Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2015
by Heather Roan Robbins
Vist our Astrology Connection page for the full weekly forecast.
We love to share our ideas and can bond over saying outrageous things… Let a desire for fresh news, fresh territory, and a clean garden inspire action. Just notice that people may, in their enthusiasm, not be particularly careful of each other’s tender feelings.
We begin the new week with a charge; the Sun enters proactive Aries on Monday as the Moon enters determined Capricorn, and the spring revolution kicks in, however we want to define it. Politics, both national and interpersonal, moves onto the front burner this week. The courage to begin again, no matter how tough the winter, is the medicine of spring, so the stars ask us where do we need to start over? We have access to the determination and ability to make a good start. Let’s ramp up and get as far as we can before Mercury retrogrades on April 9th and sends us back to review.
Rhetoric intensifies, and so do our thoughts: we can see things in black and white instead of a more honest shading. If a person feels cornered, they can become truly active and storm the bastille, or get depressed if it’s a smaller, more personal corner. But we can pour this intensity into anything we do. Any sign of progress will improve the mood.
Monday, March 20: Now we’re cooking. The Sun enters pro-active Aries on this the vernal equinox, the first day of spring and the Moon enters competent, controlling Capricorn, we have efficiency to follow through what we begin, if we can get the energetic elements together, otherwise we can rebel against ourselves, or try to control the uncontrollable, and loose our momentum in tension.

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