Power Colors: March 16 Thursday

Power Colors

The Amber Light's Blog

Personal energy boosting colors to wear today:

Crimson, royal blue, aqua, real

The Energy flow is rough and irritating. We are in a slow, shifting mode. Big changes are happening, on deep and permanent levels. That base line flow is coupled with the Every day energy bringing​ a “let’s stop and redo a fee things” focus in key areas as two major direction changes happen over the next couple of weeks. Finances, relationships, communication, travel and electronics are all going to give each of us our turn at frustration. There are lessons to learn and revelations to occur. We have the opportunity to become better, to delve into what will make us truly happy in our core.

Remember to count to ten, or twenty… BEFORE reacting. Think Pink when you get angry and err on the side of NOT saying what you think or feel.

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