Pruned Roses, Rose Hips and Tea….

Rose Hip Tea

Harebell & Betony

At the weekend I pruned my Rose bushes, I have kept some of the off cuts and popped them in a vase – I think they look very pretty. I believe you are supposed to prune roses in March and April? Well I will see if mine survive, I have been pretty brutal. There are many things you can do with Rose hips and they are used in an astonishing amount of skin care products, …although to be honest you want to harvest them at the end of the year and any hanging around now are better used as decorative.

You’ll find an abundance of beautiful orange-scarlet rose hips brightening up hedgerows and if you are lucky your garden at the end of the summer. Rose hip oil is pressed from the seeds of Rosa rubiginosa, also known as Rosa mosqueta, and is rich in antioxidants (notably vitamin…

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