Dancing Drum – Cherokee Folklore

Folklore Thursday

D.B. Mauldin

Dancing Drum – Cherokee Folklore

One day long ago, when souls could still return from the Land of the Spirits, the Sun looked down upon the Earth. ‘The People of the Mountain do not like me,” she said to her brother, the Moon. “See how they twist up their faces when they look to the sky.” “Ah. but they love me.” replied the Moon. “They smile when they see me, and they make music and dance and send me songs.” This did not please the Sun. for she thought she was more important than her brother, and more deserving.

That night, as she always did. the Sun visited her daughter for the evening meal. ‘ ‘How can The People love my brother and not me?” she asked. “I will show them it is unwise to offend me!” And the next, she sent scorching heat onto the land.

During this time…

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