March 2017 Astrology: Finding Renewal Through the Waves of the Ocean

March 2017 Astrology: Finding Renewal Through the Waves of the Ocean

The Mermaid's Garden Tea Painting by Chelsea Rose Arts

The Mermaid’s Garden Tea Painting by Chelsea Rose Arts

The March 2017 Astrology will be helping us find renewal as we explore a sea of uncertainty.

There is a seasonal shift in the air and a renewal in the making. The only caveat is that we’ll need to swim through some waves to get in touch with it. As I look out into the month ahead, there is much to discuss into where we go now that the first set of eclipses are behind us. Things will continue to heat up in the universe as the Pisces Mermaid takes us deeper into the depths of the ocean.

The sign of Pisces and all the emotions she brings with her will take center stage. Feelings will be felt as we swim through her creative, emotional and empathetic terrain. Keep in mind that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. In our own lives, this means that we’re all in the process of a renewal as we move through her waters.

Expect relationships to take center stage with Venus entering her rare retrograde. A fueling need for CHANGE is also going to be very apparent and new shifts will take place as we embark upon a seasonal change. Many of us are getting closer to taking things to an entirely new level. Gear up and get ready for the month ahead!

MARCH 1st-5th


The month of March takes off like an intense roller coaster ride. Things will seem a little hazy – maybe even a little fantasy like – at first with the Sun and Neptune dancing quite close on March 1st. We’re still dealing with the after-effects of all our eclipse revelations. However, intensity ramps up on March 2nd, when Jupiter and Uranus meet up for their 2nd opposition (the first was back at the end of December). This combination is a major part of change factor we’re all trying to get in touch with.  Radicalism and an intense need to break out of the “norm” will be coming along for this planetary ride.

To top things off, Venus (the planet of love, money & relationships) will begin her rare retrograde on March 4th. Thankfully, we’ll have a bit of support with Mars supporting Saturn as we close out this HIGHER than HIGH energy week.



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