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Crystals Tips for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Crystals Tips for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People


‘The Chosen One’ Excerpt on Wattpad

Read an Excerpt on Wattpad

D.B. Mauldin

Now you can read an excerpt of Chapter 1 of ‘The Chosen One’ on Wattpad:

‘The Chosen One’ is now available in paperback, and ebook, on Amazon and CreateSpace!

“I forever banish all involved in these crimes to the Back Water Stream area of Blooming Isle where you will live with the trolls for the rest of your lives!” The fairies have been involved in a bloody war with the ogres for centuries with each claiming Century Isle as their own. Instead of bringing peace and harmony, the settlement of humans on the plush, fertile island has only served to heighten tensions. Seventeen-year-old Meg is left heartbroken when the ogres launch a ferocious assault on her village leaving her orphaned and fearing for her life. Aware that she is “The chosen one” the fairies take her to a safe haven where under the protective eye of Seraphina, the Fairy Queen…

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Feng Shui – Brown

Feng Shui – Brown

Brown is a color associated with the earth in Feng Shui, and it is representative of the Wood Element. Using it in your home brings in stability and nurturing. It’s great for incorporating into the western sector of health and family or the northwest area of wealth and abundance. Placed in an entryway, accents of brown provide a welcoming ambience. Make sure to balance this color with others, however, lest it leech the ambition and drive out of your household. …


Feng Shui – Pulsatilla

Feng Shui – Pulsatilla

The healing power of flowers is crucial in Feng Shui. But using flowers to create strong remedies is even more important for overall health. Pulsatilla is a homeopathic remedy made from wildflowers that helps diminish the heat some people naturally carry in their bodies. If you’re always warm, or you feel oppressed in hot weather, dissolving a few of these tablets under your tongue helps to lessen these symptoms. It’s also great for diminishing people-pleasing tendencies. …


Magical Herbs


Feng Shui – Pagoda

Feng Shui – Pagoda

Sacred relics are prized in Feng Shui, and handling them is a responsibility given to serious practitioners. A Relic Pagoda – a storage vessel for sacred relics – takes this up a notch. These containers embody the spiritual qualities of wisdom and compassion. They’re usually placed on an altar or in the home in front of an image of the Buddha. Add one to the center of your home for the ultimate blessings from this beloved deity. …


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