October New Moon

October New Moon

The October New Moon is about the key energy of Scorpio—transformation.


New Moons occur each month and each time they do, it’s an important signal that something new needs to be initiated. This will be a Cazimi New Moon and it reveals that an intention has to be made in some facet of our lives. In this case, our intention needs to be surrounded by the transformative and committed energy of Scorpio. The October 2016 Scorpio New Moon will take place on October 30th (1:38PM EST / 10:38 AM PST) and bring all of us a littler closer to the energy of Scorpio.

Even though we are not all born under this sign, we do have a small part of it somewhere in our astrology.

Read more at: https://crystalbastrology.com/october-2016-scorpio-new-moon-oct-30-2016/

Essential Oil Recipe for New Moon in Scorpio

Add the following essential oils to 1 oz. carrier oil:

15 drops – Clary Sage

15 drops – Frankincense

15 drops – Patchouli

Swirl until all oils are thoroughly mixed.

Add 8-10 drops of blend to your bath; Wear 2-4 drops as a body perfume; Use 2-4 drops to anoint candles; Place 3-5 drops to water in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.

Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist

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