Make Your Own Wild Adventure Shower Spray

Make Your Own Wild Adventure Shower Spray


While I have stayed in full-service campgrounds, I prefer to camp as far away from civilization as possible. You know, hiking in and hiding out! This means no showers (although dips in lakes, creeks, and streams are awesome), so I always bring a lovely-scented spritz on my adventures.

This spray was created to complement the wild experience, not compete with it. If you’re looking for fruity florals, you can formulate one easily with different essential oils. If you are hoping to keep some of the bugs at bay and still smell on the fresh side, this is your mix!

Spray prior to getting dressed in the morning or after a mountain swim. This shower spray goes quite well with other wonderful camping scents too, like campfire smoke and conifers in the breeze…

Camping Spray with Herbs

Wild Adventures Camp Shower Spray


2 oz organic catnip hydrosol

2 oz organic witch hazel extract

10 drops organic eucalyptus lemon essential oil

10 drops organic lavender essential oil

6 drops organic lemongrass essential oil

4 drops organic Cedarwood Atlas essential oil or Cedarwood Virginia essential oil

Makes 4 ounces


Combine the catnip hydrosol and witch hazel extract in a 4 ounce spray bottle. To this, add the essential oils. Shake well to combine and test to see if you’d like a stronger scented spray. I like our 4 ounce plastic bottles with a flip cap, and then I add one of the large fingertip misters for camping.

Shake prior to using and keep out of direct sunlight. This does not need to be stored in the refrigerator between camping excursions, but it might last longer if it is!

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