Medieval Monday: Cooking Methods (part 1)

Medieval Monday

The Weaving Word

Last week my Medieval Monday post talked about cooking methods without the benefits of a modern kitchen. Today is part two of that post.

I previously mentioned a type of earth oven which was really just a pit in the ground, primarily used for things like meat, which could be wrapped up and placed directly on and under hot coals or rocks. But people of the Anglo-Saxon and Medieval period also had their version of a hot air oven, which didn’t change much even up until the 18th Century. They could be large enough for a person to climb inside, or just big enough to hold a loaf of bread, depending on the means and the need of the person using it. Obviously manor and castle kitchens and bake houses would have had to be very large to accommodate the feeding of hundreds of people when necessary. Many peasant…

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Bashful Betsy is FREE

Read ‘Bashful Betsy’ for FREE

D.B. Mauldin

Bashful Betsy is FREE

‘Bashful Betsy’ Shy Girl Series Short Story #1 is now FREE on the links listed below. More links will be added as they become available.


After living a sheltered life, Betsy goes away to College. She succeeds in putting miles between herself and her strict father. To her dismay, Betsy remains shy.

Despite her shyness, she develops her first crush. What will Betsy do when her crush shows interest in her and invites her to the Valentine’s Dance? Will Betsy say ‘yes’?

Bashful Betsy Book Cover

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Little Black Dress is Published

‘Little Black Dress’ is Published

D.B. Mauldin

Little Black Dress is Published

‘Little Black Dress’ Shy Girl Series Short Story #2 is now available for purchase at the links listed below. More links will be added as they become available.

‘The Shy Girl Series’ are teen and young adult short stories. ‘Little Black Dress’ continues the love story between Betsy and Roland. Betsy’s roommate and best friend, Susan, also finds a love interest. Don’t miss this new addition to ‘The Shy Girl Series’!

Little Black Dress

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