Book Spotlight – The Rocking Chair & Bashful Betsy

The Rocking Chair & Bashful Betsy

Marissa had faced the loss of her grandmother, mother, and grandfather. She thought she was coping well by throwing herself into her work, but when Marissa started hearing voices and seeing things move, she had to stop and wonder. Was she going insane or was there really an afterlife?

Behind the Scenes with D.B. Mauldin

The RockingchairThe Rocking Chair is loosely based on a personal experience I had after the death of my own grandmother. My experience left me with a firm belief in an afterlife; a belief that I enjoy researching and writing about.


After eating an apple and a handful of nuts for lunch, Marissa decided to walk down to the graveyard. It was a beautiful spring day, and she wanted to be outside; soaking up some sunshine, while listening to the song birds and looking at all the flowers and the trees. When…

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