Life, Sex & Death – Book Review

Life, Sex & Death

A Poetry Collection (Vol 1)

By David Ellis

Book Summary

A collection of poetry spanning a variety of themes, with the dominant ones being Love & Romance, Inspiration and Philosophical musings. Life, Sex & Death represents David’s first full length collection of emotional contemporary poetry that celebrates time honored themes and finds new and interesting ways to present them. His work is uplifting, sensual and at times tries to connect on some base instinct level with the reader. His style is distinctly his own yet in these pieces David evokes and echoes the playful spirit of his poetic heroes such as Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, Leonard Cohen, Cecil Day-Lewis and modern musical contemporaries such as Nick Cave, The Kills, Chris Cornell, Katy Perry and even Weird Al Yankovic (yes, really!) to name but a few all feed the elective vision and vibes of his work. He aims for Life, Sex & Death to be a trilogy and a triumph for modern poetry, accessible to a large number of age groups and one worthy of taking pride of place on any bookshelf. Find your favourite poem today, be it filled with seriousness or off-beat humour.

Book Review

I found David Ellis’ Life, Sex & Death to be a fantastic poetry collection. It is full of the ups and downs of life’s emotions. While reading through this book of poetry, I laughed, cried, and empathized. For me, the book was an emotional roller coaster but I loved every poem. Being a huge Poe fan, I have to say one of my favorite poems in the book, was The Ghost of Poe.

I highly recommend Life, Sex & Death to all who love to read poetry. I’m sure you will find several poems to your satisfaction.

I received a free paperback copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

 5 Stars *****

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